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I need to get healthy, and I have to do it now. Weight loss does not start in the gym, but it starts in your head, with your decision to change… I am glad that I discovered Elipse. With their support for 12 months after placement of the intragastric balloon, I am optimistic about starting […]


If like me, you are having trouble losing weight, I advise you to start today. Do not wait for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Because now is the time to do something before it’s too late.

Hetsie Cronje

It was fantastic. My energy and my confidence are back. I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for 3 years!


Elipse has helped me to reprogramme my mind on what I should eat. It’s enabled me to carry out everyday tasks and given me my life back. I had taken on a seasonal job as Father Christmas over the last few years for a very large organisation – you can imagine my delight in December […]