Who are we?

Kitakurang is brought to you by the people who are bringing the world’s first procedure-less medical device to Malaysia – Team Kitakurang.

We are a group that cares about every overweight person’s journey to lose weight the MEDICAL, HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE way. How do we do it?

Our team of Consultants can tell you everything about the Swallowable Intragastric Balloon or Belon Telan (as our patients lovingly call it). Our Clinical Team then takes over on procedure day to assist the doctor and also take care of your clinical needs.

Lastly, the Wellness team is with you from Day 1 of your procedure for up to 12 months – guiding and supporting your weight loss journey and beyond.

Key Members of Team Kitakurang


As the Product Manager, I am the “kakak” of the team. In this role, I guide and motivate team members, fostering a collaborative and high-performing work environment. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of our weight-loss solution to patients, helping them make the decision to get healthier! In my passion to do so, I am also very active on social media, spreading the “Get healthy” message to all. My social media presence also enables me to build relationships with customers, influencers, and industry experts. This helps me gather feedback and stay connected to the needs and preferences of the target market.


My main focus is to build positive relationships with patients, doctors and hospitals. My responsibilities involve responding to enquiries of the Allurion X Kitakurang programme and explaining details to patients and coordinating appointments for the balloon placements. I am proud to provide exceptional customer service based on my service industry background. I effectively communicate value propositions, address customer concerns, and support my clients. Ask me anything on the Allurion X Kitakurang programme!

Meet your Wellness Team



Hello! I’m Hariharanii Shanmugam, a trained and qualified Nutritionist, majoring in Clinical Nutrition. I have more than 7 years’ experience in counselling patients and offering my expertise. I am glad to be a part of Team KitaKurang to help many patients lose and manage their weight loss for the long term. As a Nutritionist, I’m very happy to assist patients by providing Nutrition information from reliable sources, healthy eating ideas, tips to enjoy your meals while dieting, modifying their existing diet plans into healthier versions and many more. I have formed great relationships with patients I guide and counsel, and find much joy in making a difference in these friends’ lives.



I am a passionate dietitian specializing in telehealth dietetics consulting. With a profound love for nutrition and wellness, I have found immense fulfilment in helping individuals achieve their health goals. My expertise lies in developing tailored meal plans, providing evidence-based nutritional advice, and promoting sustainable lifestyle changes. Additionally, I empower a healthy lifestyle by practicing what I preach. You can often find me enjoying the outdoors and going for runs, as I believe in the importance of physical activity in maintaining overall well-being. By leveraging the power of technology and embodying a balanced approach to health, I strive to inspire others to live their best, healthiest lives.

Meet your Clinical Support Team


Being a member of team Kitakurang, I assist and accompany patients on the procedure day at the hospital. This is where they also receive their Allurion weighing scale and health tracker watch which is set up, and synced via Bluetooth to the Allurion app on patient’s phone. It is important for all these to be set up accordingly in order for patients to have a smooth beginning to their weight loss journey. In addition to that, I also provide clinical updates and procedure guides to the specialists who conduct the Allurion balloon placements.

Furthermore, I ensure that hospital staff is well versed in regards to providing the best service for patients who sign up for the Allurion x Kitakurang programme which leads to a smooth journey on placement day.

I concurrently attend to enquires from prospect customers (doctors & patients) and make certain to provide the best solutions from Team Kitakurang.

Dr. Amy

Responsible for Patient Care Services, I work closely with patients throughout their weight-loss journey. I ensure patients are comfortable and provide advice based on patients’ medical history, symptoms, concerns and worries! I can relate to patients a lot, as someone who has also struggled with weight issues. I have even experienced and succeeded in the full Allurion X Kitakurang program myself – and this really helps me to identify with what patients experience too.

Dr. Khairil

Hello, I’m Khairil, and I’m proud to be part of KitaKurang as the Clinical & Product Executive. With 5 years of experience working in hospitals, I am dedicated to ensuring our patients have the best experience in their weight loss journey with us. In my role, I go beyond assisting during placement procedures. I provide valuable support and advice to our patients throughout their entire journey with KitaKurang. Whether it’s addressing their concerns, offering health guidance, or being a source of motivation, I am committed to being there for our clients every step of the way.