Your Fitness Support

Let’s be honest. Exercise is hard. But it can be fun! A fitness routine can be as simple as taking brisk walks. Kitakurang Wellness Team will help you incorporate these activities into your routines to help with your weight-loss journey.

When you embrace the Kitakurang Programme, you will be given a Connected Scale, a Health Tracker and we will show you how to download an app on your phone.

Allurion Connected Scale

The Allurion Connected Scale offers a complete weight tracking experience for those seeking effective and sustainable weight loss. Remember: muscle weighs more than fat! Monitoring your body composition and BMI is an important way to track your progress and stay motivated.

Allurion Health Tracker

Physical activity and sleep tracking with planning are key features when self-monitoring your behaviour and progress – and the Allurion Health Tracker makes it easy. You will have the data to reflect on how your activities and sleep affect your weight-loss journey, giving you greater knowledge and power.

Allurion Mobile App

We have developed a secure platform that enables you to monitor your body composition metrics, weight, fitness and engagement in real-time, with the help of your Allurion Connected Scale and Allurion Health Tracker. Your healthcare team will have secure access to your weight loss data so that they can support you and provide additional tips and tricks. Track your progress on the go and celebrate your milestones with your friends and family.