Nasi Lemak

  • Ask for less coconut rice
  • Opt for basmati rice or white rice if available
  • Opt for roasted chicken over fried chicken to reduce intake of fat and calories
  • Request for more veggies
  • Opt for hard boiled eggs over fried egg

Fruits (Low Sugar) as Snack

Type of Fruits Serving Sugar Content
Starfruit (belimbing) 1 Cup 5.3g
Apricot 1 Whole 3.2g
Strawberries 1 Cup 7g
Kiwis 1 Whole 6g
Grapefruits 1 Half 8g
Avocados 1 Medium 1g
Cranberries 1 Cup 4g
Pomerac (Jambu) 1 Small 10.6g
Coconut 1 Small 6g
Blackberries 1 Cup 7g

Healthy Snack Options

A handful of Mixed Nuts 1 cup of taufufa with 1 tablespoon of sugar
1 cup steamed edamame 1 wholemeal red bean or curry chicken pao
½ cup of greek yogurt with ½ mixed berries 3 pieces of jacobs wholemeal cream crackers with 1 cup teh o ais
1 medium sized banana 1 cup steamed chickpeas (kacang kuda rebus)
1 cup frozen grapes 1 individual pack (30-35g) brown rice or quinoa chips
½ cup chia seed pudding 2 small sized baked sweet potato doughnut
1 ½ cup lightly salted popcorn 1 cup plain steamed sweet corn
1 medium sized steamed/baked sweet potato 1 medium sized (6 inch) grilled sweetcorn