Patient of Dr Kiru at Gleneagles Penang
Placement Date: 2nd September 2021

Today is the 30th week since my balloon placement. I went from 98.4kg to 89kg, my body fat reduced from 36.4 to 33.8 and visceral fat from 20 to 18. I am very impressed with my journey even though I did not lose a lot in terms of numbers on the scale, but I experienced a lot of inch loss and an increase in energy level which is a good thing especially for a woman at this age.

Let me share a little about my blood readings that I did on the 17th Nov 2021. The doctor that I regularly visit was also impressed and happy with my result! My triglyceride level is 1.32, HDL is 1.05 and my LDL is 2.25. Though I know I never had issues with high cholesterol before but I have never achieved this number which is 3.64. Best of all is my blood sugar reading. Last year my HbA1c was 7.2 but now it is 5.9! My medication dose had been reduced due to this amazing improvement. For me, who is aging and living in a sedentary lifestyle, I think this reading is very good as I have struggled to lose weight, but it was not as easy as this time around. I find that the Allurion balloon has helped me who not a fan of the idea of being cut by doing the bariatric surgery method. I have to thank the KitaKurang supportive team, especially Min the Nutritionist for her effort in checking up on me to ensure I don’t fall too far off the track.

Other things I want to show off since I lost weight is my glowy face and people have told me they don’t see my big tummy anymore. I am a teacher and since school has reopened, I have to climb up the stairs to get to my class and these days, I don’t even need to hold the handrail bar of the staircase with no problems! It’s a small thing to some but it’s a big achievement for me as before this I have undergone knee treatments due to my weight and inflammation. So, when I lost weight and ate healthier choices of food, it reduced the inflammation and pain. Before this, my anxiety was bad and I kept waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. But these days, I can sleep better. One last thing I'd like to add is.. better libido. Yes, as a menopause woman and with the lack of energy, this improvement has created a healthier relationship with my husband. This programme has changed my life and I am very happy!