Weight Loss Support Program Malaysia, Why Is It Important?

Weight loss is a growing interest for many people in Malaysia. It is not surprising considering the increasing number of cases of obesity within the country. If you are one of the many looking to keep their weight in check, it is possible to start shedding it off as early as now! 

With that said, getting a weight loss plan that helps you sustain your weight loss is tricky, especially if you don’t have expert knowledge of the subject. Effective weight loss is about stability and sustenance. One should eliminate the weight through a healthy process. Also, a big part of one’s weight loss journey is sustaining a stable, healthy weight.

That’s why we recommend undergoing weight loss support programs in Malaysia. Here, you will work with experts that can tailor a health and fitness regimen according to your body goals.

A common thing that happens is that people would try out different diets and workouts they read somewhere. Sure, it can make you lose weight at the start, but you may also notice that weight loss slowly dies down after a while. In a worst case scenario, you can also end up regaining the weight you just lost.

Why Do People Regain Weight?

Unrealistic Diet and Exercise

A tendency that people do when they pursue weight loss is undergoing unrealistic diet and exercise programs. Crash diets and intense workouts may help you drastically lose weight initially, but it is not a sustainable way to maintain it. 

Diets, specifically those restricting an entire food group and making you skip meals, cause more issues than benefits. First, the effect of drastic elimination of food is counterproductive. For example, leaving out carbs in your meals makes your body crave for it. Also, skipping meals tends to make you overeat in your next meal as a way to make up for it. 

Also, unsustainable diets run the risk of nutrient deficiencies, as you are not allowing your body to get essential nutrients from varying food sources. As a result, you undergo an energy dip, making you feel tired and sluggish.

In terms of exercise, drastic changes to your physical activity have little effect on your weight loss in the long run. Because if you go from zero to a hundred in a short period, it is less likely that you can keep up with it.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Even if you are committed to a diet and exercise regimen, doing nothing beyond that neutralizes the possible effect of your efforts. Nowadays, many of us spend most of our time sitting down using electronic devices. Such a sedentary lifestyle shuts down your metabolism, making you less inclined to burn calories. Stay active throughout the day,  taking breaks to stand or move as a complement to your workout.

Undergoing Stress

Weight loss is not only a physical journey but also mental and emotional. High levels of stress make you gain or regain more weight. When under pressure, cortisol, a stress hormone released by the body, slows down your metabolism, causing you to burn food more slowly. Also, you tend to crave fat and sugar heavy foods when under stress, derailing you from your weight goals.

Losing weight in itself is a stressful journey. Many people start to regain or fail to lose weight because they cannot recognize the factors that cause such problems. Because you’re not achieving your goals, you may become frustrated or demotivated to continue.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Programs in Malaysia?

As we have established, weight loss is not a one-size-fits all type of situation. Everyone has their own health needs. On that note, not all weight loss programs in Malaysia can accommodate every person who wants to lose weight. They usually prioritize those who urgently need to shed off a few kilograms for various medical reasons. So, what makes a good candidate for a weight loss support program?

A person with a Body Mass Index of 30 or above is eligible to undergo medical supported weight loss. A BMI of over 30 is categorized as obese. Usually, obese individuals have a more challenging time losing weight because their body is already accustomed to eating large portions of food daily. So, it is harder for them to shrink down their portions and consume fewer calories without getting hungry very quickly. Also, the accumulated fat in their body makes it hard for them to move. As a result, they struggle to find an effective workout but within their body’s capability.

Excess body weight also increases the risk of developing other medical issues like diabetes and other chronic conditions. People with pre-existing medical conditions, who need to lose a large amount of weight, can benefit from the program. Although, other autoimmune disorders may eliminate a person’s chances as they may be deemed too frail to undergo the program.

Kitakurang: A Weight Loss Support Program in Malaysia

Kitakurang is a weight loss support program in Malaysia that makes a name for its medical, healthy, and sustainable approach to weight loss. The Kitakurang Programme provides you with a weight loss regimen with the help of a team of medical experts that works alongside with the world’s first procedure-less medical device.

It starts your journey with the help of a swallowable gastric balloon that requires no surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia. The balloon takes up space in your stomach that food normally would, creating a feeling of fullness and reducing your food intake.

After approximately four months, the remnants of the balloon pass out naturally through your digestive system. The swallowable balloon can help you lose an average of 10% to 15%* of your total body weight within the four months.
(*Results varies based on individuals)

Under the Kitakurang programme, it provides a team of professionals that will work with you within a 12-month programme that focuses on your nutritional and fitness aspect of weight loss, helping you maintain your weight even after the balloon has passed. 

Included here is a certified nutritionist that will walk you through planning meals, suggesting nutritious alternatives, and replacing some of your favourites- but maybe unhealthy- food with equally satisfying meals. Kitakurang’s Nutritional Support guides you through three phases. Phase 1 starts weeks before the placement of the balloon. Once placed, you enter Phase 2, which lasts from the first week through your third month with a balloon. Here, the nutritionist helps you manage your symptoms, meet your protein needs, and keep you hydrated, among other dietary steps. Phase 3 happens beyond the 4-month balloon period, helping you sustain the weight you’ve lost.

Furthermore, the Kitakurang Wellness Team helps you incorporate fitness routines to work alongside your diet. You will also be linked to devices including the connected scale, a health tracker, and a mobile app. Through these, you can share your progress with your team, receive support and guidance, and monitor your achievements.

Weight loss may be an individual goal, but you’re not alone in the process. Programs like Kitakurang are there to help you accomplish your goals. With our expertise, you can create a regimen that’s effective, realistic, and sustainable. Now, you have no reason not to start your weight loss journey. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more!